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Crandon VC served during the Boer War and WW1…


In the churchyard of St Andrews Church in Sonning…

Wilbraham Lennox VC

Wilbraham Lennox VC was a Lieutenant in the Royal…

Fitzpatrick VC, The Victoria Cross Trust Grave Restoration Appeal

Francis Fitzpatrick VC 1859 – 1933, he was about 20 years old…

Edmund Fowler, The Victoria Cross Trust VC Grave Restoration Appeal

The final resting place of Edmund Fowler VC is in Colchester…

Charles Stone VC, The Victoria Cross Trust VC Grave Restoration Appeal

The final resting place of Charles Stone VC is in Belper Cemetery…


Victoria Cross recipients killed during the First and Second World Wars are commemorated with a grave or memorial that is protected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. There are a further six graves that the CWGC look after on behalf of the MOD, including Lieutenant Colonel Herbert ‘H’ Jones and Sergeant Ian McKay both of whom were killed in the Falklands.

For all other VC’s who died in other conflicts and of old age, the responsibility and upkeep of their graves remains with the relatives. Consequently many have fallen into disrepair through neglect or lack of funding, family members have died out or their memory has been forgotten.

The Victoria Cross Trust, through your generous donations, work tirelessly to ensure the memory and graves of these and those of every VC are remembered and maintained to the best of our ability.

The Victoria Cross Trust do not receive funding from the Government or from any other organisation, we rely solely on your contributions.

Please donate what you can through this website to preserve the memory of those that give and gave so generously for us.

Give generously in remembrance of all who fought on our behalf
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