21 April 2014

THEY were the bravest of the brave. Men who performed astonishing acts of courage for their country.

Now they need the country to honour their forgotten sacrifices.

Today The Sun reveals how the graves of 209 Victoria Cross holders from the First World War face ruin and neglect.

In a few weeks Britain will solemnly mark the centenary of the outbreak of that terrible conflict.

But the final resting places of men whose bravery was rewarded with our greatest military honour lie crumbling in forgotten cemetery corners.

Such a scandal is possible because they did not die in combat but after returning home. That means their resting places are not maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which does excellent work caring for the graves of the UK’s war dead.

That responsibility falls on their families. But decades have passed since their deaths and many relatives may be unaware of the graves — or even that a family member once received a VC.

Others are simply unable to afford the high cost of renovation.

So The Sun is joining with the Victoria Cross Trust to launch our Honour Our VC Heroes campaign — and end this national scandal. And we need our army of patriotic readers to help.

We want you to discover if you have a forgotten VC in your family, town or village, find the grave and let us know where it is.

We also want you to insist the Government pays to restore and maintain VC graves — of any era. And we want you to donate to the VCT.

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