Fitzpatrick VC

Francis Fitzpatrick VC 1859 -1933

Francis Fitzpatrick was born in Tullycorbet, County Monaghan. At the age of 20 as a Private in the 94th Regiment of Foot (later The Connaught Rangers), British Army during the Basuto War he was awarded the VC for the following act of valour. On 28 November 1879 during an attack on Sekukuni’s Town in South Africa, Private Fitzpatrick and another private (Thomas Flawn) with six men of the Native Contingent, were with a lieutenant of the 1st Dragoon Guards when he was badly wounded. The natives carried the wounded officer at first, but when the party was pursued by about 30 of the enemy they deserted and the lieutenant would have been killed but for the gallantry of the two privates – one carrying him and the other covering the retreat and firing on the enemy.

He later served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (now Balaklava Company, 5 SCOTS). The grave of Francis Fitzpatrick VC is in Glasgow and remains unmarked. Please consider donating or get involved with fundraising for the Victoria Cross Trust and this great cause.

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