Harry George Crandon VC

Harry George Crandon VC (12 February 1874 – 2 January 1953)

He was born in Wells, Somerset, on 12 February 1874. At the age of 27 years, he was a Trooper in the 18th Hussars, now part of the Light Dragoons during the Second Boer War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

On the 4th July, 1901, at Springbok Laagte, Privates Berry and Crandon were scouting towards a kopje when the Boers suddenly opened fire on them at a range of 100 yards. Private Berry’s horse fell and became disabled, and he was himself shot in the right band and left shoulder. Private Crandon at once rode back under a heavy fire to his assistance, gave up his horse to the wounded man to enable him to reach shelter, and followed him on foot, having to run for 1,100 yards, all the time under fire

He later achieved the rank of corporal and served in World War One, where he was wounded.

He is buried in Swinton Cemetery in Manchester

His grave is in desperate need of restoration as it is currently unstable and close to collapse.


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