Lennox VC

Wilbraham Oates Lennox VC 1830-1897

Wilbraham Lennox VC was a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers and was awarded a Victoria Cross for his action at Sevastopol during the Crimean War. Born in 1830 at Molecombe House on the Goodwood Estate, which is currently occupied by their Graces The Duke & Duchess of Richmond. Wilbraham Lennox VC was a first cousin to Charles Gordon-Lennox, 6th Duke of Richmond. He is buried along with his family in a family plot at Woodvale Cemetery in Brighton. The Victoria Cross Trust have informed His Grace The Duke of Richmond, about his ancestors’ grave in Brighton, the condition of the family plot, as well as the cost of its refurbishment; he has confirmed he was unaware of the family connection. To date, we have received no communication or offer of assistance.

With no immediate family to take care of the plot for the last 100 years or so, it has suffered from severe neglect. The situation today is heartbreaking to see, a man of such historical and national importance totally forgotten by the nation. We believe it is only right to restore the Lennox family plot and allow future generations to pay respect and reverence to this VC Hero.

The cost of this restoration project is £25,000 and is our biggest fundraising challenge to date. Whilst there may be some grants we can apply for, none will meet the total amount needed. We need your help.

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