The Victoria Cross Conference
Corporate Membership

As well as our individual membership we also offer a Corporate Membership. This allows a business to show its support for our work.

The Corporate Membership Rate for 2013/2014 is £500.

In return we will list your company on our site and allow you a link/logo to your website. We will also include 1 Membership badge and 10 wristbands.

Corporate sponsors will receive our Members newsletter and be invited to events and, where appropriate, corporate sponsors will also be invited to meet with Patrons attending an event.

You can use the unsubscribe button at any time after becoming a member, this will stop your automatic renewal of membership. Please note Membership Subscriptions using Paypal, repeats automatically every year. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time by using the unsubscribe button.

Membership is of the Victoria Cross Trust Supporters Group and does not include any legal voting rights or responsibility.