The Victoria Cross Trust's main aim is to clean and restore the graves of many forgotten heroes of yesteryear. These men may have fought in Crimea, India, Africa, Japan… in fact, all corners of the British Empire where they became recipients of the Victoria Cross, the highest military award for bravery. They survived their wars and many lived to a ripe old age, died, and were buried in cemeteries and churchyards across the United Kingdom.

Sadly, as time moved on and generation followed generation, most times, these brave men were forgotten and their burial plots fell into dilapidation, some almost swallowed up by nature. Only a sharp eye might realise that a brave man that lay buried beneath.

The Victoria Cross Trust attempts to identify any Victoria Cross graves that require attention. These men are both part of our national story and are military heroes.

We clean the gravestones using only natural resources, often high pressure steam, which means we cause minimal disturbance. If it requires any physical restoration, the work is carried out with due care and all respect.

After cleaning, it is not uncommon to have a small rededication service to mark the event, and bring the soldier concerned back into public consciousness.

Remembrance goes beyond words…

If you are aware of a Victoria Cross grave that is in need of some care please contact us.

Completed Restorations

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