Alan Richard Hill-Walker. VC.

Date of birth: 
12 July 1859
21 April 1944
British Army
Ensign (Sub-Lieutenant)
North York Rifles in 1877, and transferred to the 59th Regiment of Foot (later Northamptonshire Regiment)
The Victoria Cross South Africa Medal ( 1877-79 ) 1 clasp: "1879" India Medal ( 1895-1902 ) 2 clasps: "Punjab Frontier 1897-98" - "Tirah 1897-98" King George VI Coronation Medal (1937)
First Boer War
VC Awarded: 
14 March 1882
Awarded posthumously: 


On 28th January 1881, at Laing’s Nek, when the retreat was ordered, Lieutenant Hill remained behind and tried to carry out of the action another lieutenant who was lying on the ground severely wounded. He was unable to lift the man into the saddle and carried him in his arms until he was shot dead. Hill then brought another wounded man out of the action, and then a third. All this was achieved under heavy fire.

It was through a later marriage that Lieutenant Hill became Hill-Walker.

Further Information

The Battle of Laing's Nek is memorable in that it was occasion regimental colours were carried into battle. The 59th regiment were led into battle with Lieutenant Ballie carrying the the Regimental Colours and Lieutenant Hill carrying the Queen's Colours.  When Lieutenant Ballie was wounded, Lieutenant Hill handed both colours to Sergeant Brigstock while he attempted to save Lieutenant Ballie's life.

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