Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson

Today in Swaffham the grave care team completed an outstanding transformation of the grave of Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson at St Peter & St Pauls churchyard. Whilst there the team restored General Sir Horace Montague KCB, Colonel Edward Montague CBE & their families. Many thanks go to Bernard Hunt at the church and Kurt Oliver from the White Hart who provided support and sustenance to the team. Outstanding job and to be able to complete family members and other prominent military servicemen added to the achievement.
The History behind Sir Arthur:
Captain ARTHUR WILSON EL TEB 29 February 1884 He was 41 years old and serving in the Royal Navy (Naval Brigade) when he attached himself to the Right Half battery, in place of a lieutenant who was mortally wounded. (He later remarked that he had had nothing else to do that day.) As the troops closed on the enemy’s Krupp battery, the Arabs charged the gunners before they could deploy the guns. Wilson sprang to the front and attacked an Arab, but his sword stuck in the man’s ribs and snapped in two. He fought on with his fists and was slashed across the head before being relieved by men from the York and Lancaster Regiment. His action protected the gunners so they were able to deploy their guns. Wilson had also served in the Third China War. He was an early advocate of the torpedo but a committed opponent of the submarine, describing it as ‘a damned un-English weapon’. He died on 25 May 1921.
Brazier, Kevin. The Complete Victoria Cross : A Full Chronological Record of All Holders of Britain's Highest Award for Gallantry . Pen and Sword. Kindle Edition.
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