VC Walk opened in Doncaster Lakeside Village

Doncaster has a close association with Victoria Cross recipients who spent parts of their lives and service working and living in the borough. Each were awarded the VC, six in World War 1 and one in World War 2. Those recipients were:

  • George Harry Wyatt VC - Police Constable in Doncaster and buried in Caddy Cemetery.
  • Gilbert Insall VC - One time squadron leader at RAF Finnigley and lived in the local area.
  • William Hackett VC - Miner at MAnvers Main and tunneller, killed in Givenchy refusing to leave a fellow tunneller trapped in a roof fall.
  • Thomas Bryan VC - Greengrocer in Bently Doncaster and buried in Arksey cemetery Doncaster
  • Laurence Calvert VC - A miner at Maltby and Cadeby collieries (Doncaster) near to George Wyatt’s home
  • Thomas Jackson VC - Born in Swinton and worked at the Mexbrough Central Locomotive Depot near Doncaster
  • John Harper VC - Lived in Thorne near Doncaster and was a recipient of the VC in World War 2.


Each man has had a commemorative plaque placed at Lakeside Doncaster by the Victoria Cross Trust to remember not only their VC action but also their contributions to Doncaster. Each plaque measuring 12 inches square has been designed and made by the VCT by veteran’s who placed them in the precinct in the week leading up to Armistice Day. They contain details of their regiments, the citation, a photograph and the VC for passersby to read and note their contribution. To mark the occasion veterans attended a short ceremony and observed the minutes silence at Lakeside on 11th November.

Photographs by Howard Roe/
Veterans on parade
Paul Grimley, Graham Proud, Kevin Toseland, Sue Grimley, Graham Anderson, Mick Brand, Barry Stewart, Steve Green, Bill Martin, Dave Robinson, Sahun Concannon, Jim Johnstone, Joe MacMahon, Gerry Sidey, Graham Kendall, Roy Bloor, Pete Dodds, John Griffiths
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